America’s Got Talent Season 9


America’s Got Talent Season 9

Returns for Season 9!

America’s Got Talent Season 9 is an NBC televisions series that first aired in the summer of 2006. Americas Got Talent, also known as AGT abbreviated, is apart of the British Got Talent franchise. America’s Got Talent is a television series that travels around the world to showcase or find the best singer, dancer, magician, comedian, and many others for a chance to win a million dollars and get a chance to have their own show on the Las Vegas Strip.


Americas Got Talent has become so popular because it allows unknown talented individuals to showcase their abilities in front of a world audience. Nothing is better than finding a diamond in the rough.



America’s Got Talent started out with three judges that critiqued the performances to the point of crushing and already stressed and anxious performer in submission. People would see things as weird and performers sticking things into their bodies to the magnificent and talented Lumineers.

 Americas Got Talent Season 9 – Simon Cowell

Initially, Simon Cowell created the show. Due to his contract for American Idol, Simon was unable to participate as a Judge in AGT and later created his own television show wikipedia, which became a huge success, “The X-Factor imdb.”


America’s Got Talent Season 9 continues this saga as inclusion of the shows presenter and judges extend deeper. Three individuals will present Americas Got Talent: Nick Cannon. Furthermore, the Judges have increased to a 4th member. The Judges are as follows: Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, Melanie Brown, and Heidi Klum.


The television show America’s Got Talent running time will be approximately 60-120 minutes. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and check us out to learn more about the program at wikipedia and imdb.