Red Panda

Rong Riu, also known as “Red Panda,” is hitting twitter like a massive sensation celebrity. I state this because Rong came onto Americas Got Talent with a goal in mind and a talent that would blow away America. Rong got up on a unicycle and road it without any type of error. That’s not even an issue, what she decided to do next placed her in a league of her own.
Rong soon placed tea cups on her foot and shot them in the air to have them balance on her head… while on a unicycle. It was quite staggering and crazy. As time went by, her act got harder and more sophisticated. She would increase the amount of bowls on her head as time would go on while she balanced on the unicycle. To explain this just doesn’t do justice and anyone reading this article should go out and find it on youtube.
The judges immediately got up and started to clap as she continued to juggle as if she had something to prove. When she heard what the judges had to say, she broke down crying. One of the judges said that they couldn’t wait for what she had stored next. To watch that was more shocking than seeing something that isnt easily explained. Although we could see what she was doing, the fact she could do it and have everything fall in precise order while on a unicycle is a masterpiece on itself.
After watching a small fraction of it, it’s a easy determination to say that this is absolutely the best thing I have seen on television in a long time.